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Friday, March 14, 2014

Shane Calls On Ganjapreneurs; Stephen Colbert Answers

"Colorado's marijuana tycoons rake in huge profits as tourists line up for pot-infused munchies and toke-friendly vacation packages." Says Stephen, "The market has spoken and the market is token."

Yesterday Shane blogged about the innovative new markets opening in the Cannabis industry, many of which are legal and don't require selling pot, and all of which need names.

I often think about Shane converting his family business to pot, if it were legal. For he'd have the skills and this family Ronan Farrow covered earlier in the week provides  a model.

Meanwhile from the "Rocky High Travel Company" to names that refine "baked goods" as Stephen shows in this hilarious seven minute clip the need for new nomenclature is all around us.  Says Stephen, "The market has spoken and the market is token."  (Click here is embedded screen does not appear on your mobile device)


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