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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ShopCougarTown (.com): Why The Odds Are Stacked Against The Small Guy (& Why Naming Matters More)

I blogged about this trend last month, which follows the domain primer rule "take the browsing out of buying" when E launched its in-show shopping segment. 

Now Cable network TBS featured the retailer's wares in a subplot during last night's installment of the sitcom at 10 P.M. Eastern. Consumers synced with on a tablet, smartphone or computer could click through to purchase the items they saw on the show. The items will remain available on the custom site through April 15. Full Story: Video/Rich Media - Target takes online shopping to TV’s 'Cougar Town' - Internet Retailer via 

The key will be naming. Something E and many broadcasters lack because they never bellied up to the bar for the EMD as in Ellen and more. The misdirected traffic I get from the article I wrote about E, every time the segment airs is a case in point.

This, along with apps, redefines the very concept of "direct" navigation and continues to eat away at our type in traffic. But I do think it opens up a new avenue for domainers. Can you see opening a within a Cougar Town or E segment. I proposed that to Fox in 1992. I hope they are finally understanding what I was talking about. Maybe my videotape of that presentation will make it to the Smithsonian. J

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