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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The IV Doctor (.com) will visit your home and cure a hangover

For those who have partied too hard in Las Vegas, there is a bus called Hangover Heaven that tours the strip and offers hangover remedies. But what if there’s absolutely no way of even moving from that bed? The IV Doctor is a service launched in New York that actually offers a home visit to give revelers the treatment they need to feel fresh.

Those looking to book the service can simply muster up the strength to pick up their laptop and choose an available slot — or even book in advance if they’re expecting a heavy night. A doctor then arrives at the home, office or hotel room and offers up a range of packages that will help patients to refresh. The IV drip contains a mixture of sodium chloride, potassium and an anti-nausea medication that replenishes the body’s minerals and counteracts the groggy effects of a hangover. Patients can also add energy-boosting vitamin B12 and anti-inflammatory medication if they’re in pain. The IV treatment is a tried and tested method for rehydrating patients in emergency rooms, and The IV Doctor is staffed with certified medical professionals. The video below explains more about the service:

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