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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

They Met on Tattoo Dating Site (.com): Incredible Photos Celebrating Internet Love

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Slate's compelling picture of Internet love is worth 1000 pictures. It clearly shows different strokes for different folks, which is the whole point of the new G's.

If the investors behind the new G's had any marketing brains, this kind of showNtell would be the perfect campaign to make a bang whereas there has been nothing but a whimper and/or the sound of spent gun powder.

According to Slate:
It wasn’t long ago that online dating—and admitting you were dating someone you met online—was a taboo subject. Couples who met online would defer questions about how they met or even make up a story far less scandalous than meeting “anonymously” over the Internet. Clearly that isn’t the case anymore. 
A little more than a year ago, photographer Jena Cumbo began photographing couples who had met online for a project she calls “We Met on the Internet.” Cumbo said the initial idea behind the project was to make pictures that were a commentary about modern life. Since the Internet is a vehicle for connection, she said it was a natural progression for dating, especially since connections are now readily available via smartphones. “I think Internet accessibility and the sheer number of people online everyday has to do with why Internet dating isn’t the same little dirty secret anymore,” she said. In fact, Cumbo said she met a boyfriend on Friendster in 2004, and although they’re no longer together romantically, they’re still friends today.  continued...

Photo by Jena Cumbo: Mariela and Tiago, Mariela is a self-taught photographer who moved to New York in 2011 from the Dominican Republic. Tiago has worked as a finishing carpenter since he was a kid. After just two weeks of dating, they moved in together. After four months, they got engaged. Now the two share matching tattoos. “We both have [the word] ‘love’ tattooed in our hands.” 

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