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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Breaking: VIDEO-- dotCLUB / GoDaddy Ad Aired on MSNBC Morning Joe and CNN New Day This Morning

UPDATE 4/30/14 8:00 PM: dotClub has informed me that the  price quoted in the commercial as "one-ninty-nine" was misinterpreted by me to be $1.99 rather than what it actually is $199.00. I made this assumption because GoDaddy typically advertises coupon promotions for $1.99. I have edited the post to reflect this correction.

A pretty effective ad following the one in the Wall Street Journal (where the clubby types are likely hanging out). 

Certainly more informative to those who know nothing about gTLDs than Frank's banners that assume an educated visitor. GoDadddy co-branding helps the authority and trust issue tons. 

Like me, Frank comes from a film school background and knows nothing sells like the pose  of video. He has effectively used on his site and has been a pioneer in doing so. But it will take a co-branded spot with someone bigger and better known (even SuperBowl) before the public begins to accept gTLDS and see them as the opportunity they can be.

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