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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

FireTV: A Major Branding Faux Pas— "Looks Like You Didn't Think Of Everything, Bezos"

Amazon, in an ambitious bid for control over your TV viewing, launches Fire TV, taking on Apple AAPL +0.17%, Roku, and Google GOOG +0.03% in the race to become your portal for on-demand movies and television shows.

At a press event in New York City, Amazon unveiled Fire TV, a streaming video set-top box that lets you watch on-demand movies and TV shows, delivered over the Internet, on your television. You can choose from a vast library of content from popular services like Netflix NFLX -0.56%, Hulu Plus, ESPN , and of course, Amazon’s own Instant Video library. The Fire TV goes on sale immediately for $99.

Amazon's new service unfortunately shares a name with a different type of online service: the porn site named Fyre TV, which also just happens to own the domain as well.

A name isn't all they share. Apparently, the illicit site is also interested in letting you stream content to your television, although it's hardly of the "fun-for-the-whole-family" variety promised by Amazon in its launch today.

Instead, Fyre TV lets subscribers stream porn on-demand to their television sets through Amazon's competitor, Roku, and other third-party boxes.

Looks like you didn't think of everything, Bezos.

With reporting and MORE from Huffington Post and Forbes.

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