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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forbes Issues Grave Domain Migration Warning

Via Forbes: Changing your domain has now become a bit more difficult and risky as more weight has been placed on social signals and brands in the search results. However, we still want to make sure to mitigate as much risk as we can and get the best results possible.  I work with many different startups that start with a domain and later when they have raised money want to switch to a more hip domain.  I’ve worked with so many that I have created a fool-proof checklist to migrate your site from one domain to another domain without losing traffic.

Note:  I do recommend consulting with an expert before doing this.  As well, most sites lose a bit of traffic for a time and then it returns.  I’ve only worked with one client that didn’t have a drop for a 2-6 week time period.  Make sure once you launch the site to publish a lot of amazing content.

Here’s a simple guide and checklist to help you switch your domain and mitigate as much risk as you can in the process.

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