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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Forget Domaining: Hit By Train You Tube Stunt Makes Daredevil a Millionaire With Help From Jukin Media

“There was obvious need for a better process by which user-generated videos were licensed for media use,” says Jukin’s CEO Jonathan Skogmo to Forbes. “Video owners didn’t realize they could be earning money from their videos and TV producers and brands were spending too much time and resources trying to discover, source and clear this type of content. So we set out to fill this giant void in the marketplace.”

Talk about giving your career a good kick in the head!

Would you jump in front of a train for 15 minutes of fame? Don't be so quick to answer until you learn the selfie can be licensed and assuming you live, you can get 50% of millions of dollars paid per view from the advertisements pre-rolled over your content. Said  Jared "I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a "safe" distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head." At 25 million views, Jared is now an instant millionaire, maybe $8 million. Crazy higher then the highest paid stuntman in Hollywood.

In related news Advertisers Go to Brand Camp With YouTube Stars /Ford, Visa, Taco Bell Learn YouTube 'Hygiene'-- There's more to it than that. The Brand Partner Program is a big part of Google's push for the $68 billion U.S. advertisers spend on TV. BILLION with a "B". Now this is how you make money with GOOGLE!

Do the math: even 10-50 cents on 25 million views is better than the best star domainers!

From Kevin Newman LIVE (Photo above too):

"Eleven seconds and a bit of pain may make one Regina man a lot of money. Jared Frank was recently travelling in Peru when he tried to take a selfie while a train passed behind him. Frank ended up taking a boot to the head. After the potential knock-out, one of the first things Frank says is, “I think I got that on film.” 
He uploaded it to YouTube and within days the video had more than 24 million views. 
But Frank isn’t going to be making the money alone. Very quickly after posting the video, he received a lot of offers, but none may be more lucrative than one from Jukin Media, a California-based company that manages and represents YouTube and viral video stars. 
“We find clips before they go viral,” says Andrew Barrett, director of marketing for Jukin Media, to Kevin Newman Live. “Our CEO and team can look at a clip and instantly know what will happen…We look for videos with a beginning, middle and end.” 
Jared Frank's video of being kicked in the head by a train conductor has been viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube. 
Barrett says in 11 seconds Frank captured a full story with the end being what he said. 
If you have post a good video online, Jukin will often reach out and offer you a contract."
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