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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Gary V is Right: Gary Busey Blows By Domain Needs, In Commercial For "Voice Search" Fire TV

“It’s kind of ironic that voice is one of the next big things in mobile.” I would say Evans is partially correct. It’s not just mobile. Voice promises to be the next big thing in communications, period."

When Gary Vanachyeck turned heads at Domainfest and on Domain Name Wire by predicting "It got interesting when Vaynerchuk predicted that the value of a good domain name will go down over the next decade or two as the importance of having a good domain name goes down. Vaynerchuk thinks that the importance of domain names is being eroded by other platforms such as apps. To some people, the value of getting a good app name is more important than a good domain name."

But it's more than apps, it's the Internet of Things which lets you talk to devices not just computers. You can ask your fridge to order more milk  in the not to distant future.. you can talk to your watch, you car... therefore

The end of typing (and type-ins) as I've long forewarned about, is near and voice is the Internet's future wave and the dominant feature that will tie together the Internet of Things. According to Giagcom, "We’re about to see a major shift in voice technology. Think wearables, encryption, Facebook-like streams and customized acoustic profiles.

While SIRI was first (and had disappointing commercials with Samuel L Jackson and others perhaps too prematurely), except for Chevrolet (below) Apple seems missing in action today as Samsung gets creative with "Self (i.e.)"promotion at the Oscars and in the White House, Porsche comes out of the gate with a new Voice-activated system entirely (searching for video at publishing), Microsoft offers Cortana and best of all, Jeff Bezos may end up taking the market and the prize with Gary Bussey who will stop traffic anywhere and is sure to keep TV viewers from their bio breaks with his Fire TV Spot.

"If you're like me, you like talking to things. but it's frustrating when things don't listen." Busey opens the spot with. Introducing Amazon Fire TV, the streaming media player that listens to Gary Busey. Gary likes to talk to things, but gets frustrated when high tech things don't listen. Luckily, Amazon Fire TV listens to Gary and finds all the movies and TV shows he wants to watch. Amazon Fire TV has voice search that actually works. 

According to Gigacom, Voice will be:
==> Available every “wear.” 
Voice is fast becoming a primary interface for wearable technology. Voice will soon become ambient, with audio sensors embedded into our environment: cars, living and workspace, and fashion accessories. Conversations will follow us from home to car to office — jumping automatically from device to device. 
==> Private and secure.
Encryption of voice will become the default, not the exception. Layered security models will include voice biometrics as a standard component. And for our most private conversations and transactions, speech will continuously authenticate us – not simply at the outset of a conversation. 
==> Smartphone-native. 
Today, the dialer application on a smartphone replicates 1970s touchtone telephony. The ability to tap, swipe, wave, drag, point, rotate, shake and talk means that powerful new features will be simple and easy to use, in the same way that the iPod made mobile music easy.
==> GM gets Siri-ous on hands-free
In 2013 Chevrolet will integrate Apple's Siri, the intelligent assistant which aid users through voice commands, into its Sonic and Spark models. 

Using the automaker's MyLink infotainment system, customers with a compatible iPhone (4S or newer models running iOS 6) can direct Siri to perform a number of tasks while driving. 

To further minimize distraction, Siri uses an Eyes Free mode that enables users to interact with their iPhone without the device’s screen lighting up.As an example The standard Chevy MyLink infotainment system in the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic is bringing the Siri intelligent assistant into those cars this year. MyLink radio global program manager Sara LeBlanc shows us how Siri on your iPhone can be your hands-free, eyes-free assistant on the road.

Concludes GigaCom, "The next generation of voice services will not only have high-definition audio, but also customized acoustic profiles to us individually and our environment. We don’t all speak the same languages or dialects, so automated real-time subtitles and translation will become commonplace." 

"One in five people have significant hearing loss, and end-to-end digital cloud-centric hearing aids will remove the “analog gap” for hearing-impaired users. Voice intersects with a long list of hot topics: the internet of things, search, location services, wearables, security, connected car, big data, quantified self and beyond."

As analyst Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz recently tweeted: 
“It’s kind of ironic that voice is one of the next big things in mobile.” I would say Evans is partially correct. It’s not just mobile. Voice promises to be the next big thing in communications, period.

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