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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If a Brand Spends This Much on a Logo, What The is the Name Worth That is Conducive To A Logo Like Pear (.com)

A lesson in domain value: Some names come off the shelf with advertising, branding and a logo built in. Many domains and the symbols that represent them ARE advertisements!

Pepsi revamped its logo for $1 million, but Twitter purchased its iconic bird for $15 on iStockphoto. 

The info graphic in the link that follows is a wonderfully designed and planned out piece on logos, everything that goes in to creating them and how people feel about them. Logo choice is crucial for companies when it comes to relationships with their public. Before this article I didn't consider the fact that different colors evoke different emotions in people and companies and logos typically match the descriptors that go with their color. Another interesting fact is the difference in price companies pay for varying logos. The fact that Pepsi paid over a million dollars for their logo while the Cokes logo is based off the founders handwriting and was free is mind blowing. Furthermore the stats included in the article on brand recognition are fascinating. 

Here's how other brand logos became iconic, as well as how their colors and design affects us.

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