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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marchex Double Whammy (.com) Because "Psoriatic Arthritis" Does Cut The Radio Test

Kim Kardashian suffers from this condition. But it sure sounds better to say Kim has a Double Whammy then Kim has Psoriatic Arthritis.

The pharmaceutical industry is where the big money is in branding and advertising. Faced with a short window to monetize a patent, companies need to differentiate from the chemical compound name or when the patent is up, they will be just another statin, versus Liptor. The goal is to be the coke or Kleenex of that space.

And when the industry needs names, they turn to Marchex who recently sold Yun Ye's to AbbVie. The site redirects to the existing

Critics of big pharma suggest most of the drugs are scams, totally unneeded remedies that your father and his father did very well without. It's easy to see the logic in this when a strategy to get more money from an existing patient after a medication has gone generic is to come out with a booster medication that can extend the patent windfall for them. And example would be Ambilify.. when your one depression pill, still leaves you just a little depressed.

Now we have a DoubleWhammy ... a new invented condition combining autoimmune diseases 'Psoriatic Arthritis." Is it meant as a double whammy for the patient or as code for Big Pharma "double dip." Just asking.

Either way the name space is bright for medication names. And there seems to be no shortage of brandmasters to come up with invented hand registration names like Ambilify that roll off the tongue and suggest in this case "amplifying the benefits of medicine by taking a second dose." In other words  they invent a name that's not just catchy but actually resonates  in the heart and mind of the consumer.

I covered the difference between brand agency invented names and domainer invented hopeful pharma names HERE and HERE

Says the voice-over: "Some things travel in pairs. Psoriases and joint pain come together to create psoriatic arthritis. Talk to your doctor about treating it with Abbvie."

Here's the spot:

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