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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rethink (.Domains) --- "Good Riddance .com!

Ace Internet IP attorney, Enrico Schaefer of Traverse Legal (and author of featured legal advice on The Frager Factor) notes on his Facebook feed:

"Facebook antiquated software platform can't handle new gTLD hyperlinks when included in the main post. See the screenshot below. Note Facebook cuts the TLD '.today' off as '.toda'. 
If Facebook can't handle new gTLD extensions as hyperlinks, how long will it take for the real world to even know great new gTLDs such as .today, .ceo, .books and .picture even exist. 
Facebook can't handle new gTLD URL structure?

What people forget is that registering cool names is pretty f-in fun. there haven't been any good ones available since 2003. I own,, all operating under a new company .. and more. great domains. available? good riddance .com. I hope Goolge changes their algorythm to allow you to seemlessly move your website to any domain with no loss of SEO."

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