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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Should I Get My Baby aDomain Name? NO Says AdAge No Need To "Squat" On A Handle Till 2026

AdAge releases a feature story about which digital media will matter in 2026?

"I wound up in some spirited conversations about this topic with my wife after we welcomed our first-born in February. It was only after our daughter was born, and we were fully committed to her name, that we started to discuss which digital identities we would reserve for her."

"Even people who have never registered a URL have been asking me if I've reserved domain names for my daughter. This one seemed like a no-brainer at first. A domain is an open book. She can ultimately do what she wants with it, and there may always be a little extra cachet to a memorable dot-com domain."

"Unlike email addresses or social handles, however, domain names cost money, and many domain names sit idle. My daughter won't need her own domain if she wants to blog, run a Tumblr, contribute to Medium, post an bio, or participate in whatever services are popular in the years to come. And I'm not convinced that domains will be the default taxonomy of the web going forward."

"Ultimately, my wife and I settled on a compromise: We'd reserve one dot-com with her full name, and a dot-me with just her first name, and hold it for three years. In 2017, we can revisit the decision." (Yes but did they check if it's available because as Uniregistry says a "reservation" doesn' meant jack Squat).

The blood boiling article discussed using gmail for email and the various importance of Twitter versus LinkedIn.  Wish the media would be more responsible informing the end users of the real world out there. more

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