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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Update: Not Just The Stock Market Rigged.. but Frontrunning Gold, Silver and ??Domains??

Last week we wrote about Mark Cuban writing about some publicity on 60 minutes and Jon Stewart (tapes here).

Now ZeroHedge blows the lid off of our reporting. Highlights:
Last week, the big story was how bankers use HFT (High Frequency Trading) algorithmic software not only to rig markets but also to commit theft on a daily basis (Frontrunning, like Quantitative Easing, is just fancy Wall Street lingo to disguise its true meaning of theft).  Though many in the public blogosphere expressed shock that stock markets arerigged and that regulators like the Securities Exchange Commission willingly allow this theft to occur, the only thing shocking about this story was how long it took this story to reach the mainstream and that people were crediting Michael Lewis with uncovering this story with his book “Flash Boys” when in reality this story had been discussed in detail on independent financial media sites for more than five years already. 
For example, an accounting professor at the Yale School of Management, X. Frank Zhang, calculated that HFT trading was responsible for a minimum of 70% of all daily trading volume in US stock markets and possibly for as much as 78% of the volume in 2009. And HFT algorithmic trading was already dominating daily trading volume on US stock exchanges prior to 2009.   
Thus one can clearly see that the only thing “new” about HFT algorithms is that this old news has finally moved into mainstream media headlines. 
BATS CEO William O’ Brien, when confronted on MSNBC last week with the fact that HFT altos commit millions of acts that are specifically prohibited by the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation NMS, a regulation that requires brokers to guarantee customers the best possible execution of price on orders, ludicrously argued that HFT programs have no clients (David Cummings, a computer programmer that worked at the Kansas City Board of Trade, founded BATS, a stock exchange located in Lenexa, Kansas. The core code of BATS was derived from tradebot, a computer program that engages in algorithmic trading). 
There is only one possible way that O’ Brien’s claim that HFT programs “have no clients” can be true. If the HFT programs were artificially intelligent self-aware programs that made all decisions independent of the interests of the people that coded them and the bankers that used them, then perhaps O’Brien’s claim could be partially true.
Otherwise, aslong as bankers hire programmers to code HFT algorithms and employ them for their benefit and to the disadvantage of their competitors as well as the disadvantage of their clients, then the obvious clients of HFT programs are bankers and the companies that entice bankers to use them. To claim otherwise is simply a flat-out lie. 
In any event, the Holy Grail that the bankers are seeking to protect is not that they use HFT programs to rig stock market trading. 
The real truth the bankers wish to conceal from the public is that they use HFT programs to suppress gold and silver prices. 
If this truth made it into the mainstream news and was being discussed at the same level at which HFT programs being used to rig millions of stock trades is being currently discussed, bankers would have a heart attack. However, do not let the complete media blackout of the banking cartel’s use of HFT algos to control gold and silver prices in the paper derivatives markets lead you to falsely conclude that the use of HFT programs are not critical to gold and silver price suppression…”   more

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