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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Google Goes Too Far: Wants To Embed Ads in Your Cornea; The First Step to a Great Personal Brand? A Distinct Look.

Google Has Seen the Future, and It Has Ads ... Everywhere. Today we're all about advertising that borders on an invasion of privacy: Your "Internet of Things" Shower Head SeƱor/Camera will see what kind of soap you use and recommend a competitor or maybe a tanning salon. PLUS: This RFID-Enabled Billboard Displays Cost Of A New Audi Based On; New .CO owner hires CMO to Raise Profile in Ad Industry and Push for Ultra HD TV Grows Behind Samsung's Blockbuster 4K Gladiator

Forget flat screens. The next generation of TVs you're going to mount on your wall are curved -- at least, according to Samsung, which hopes to pioneer this market with its new UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV,...
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