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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Very nice - Autodesk introduces Spark, an Open 3D-printing platform (Told You BEST 3D Names Would Lack 3D)

And that's so as not to box them in as we reported 4D is already here. PLUS:  Millennials Casting for Careers Should Consider Franchises instead of Domains;Gotta pull an all-nighter? Here's how to do it and live to tell about it; Coca-Cola Unveils First TV Ad Made Completely With User-Generated Film;5 Ways Great Leaders Do Great Work; The World’s Bank: How Crowdfunding (not BitCoin) is Disrupting Old Banking; This Crucial Market Research Can Help Your Company Shine... and .... Google+ Shows Life, Introduces Auto-Generating Stories And Movies

With hat tips and deep appreciation to trendspotters: Samit Madan, Danny Sullivan, Bill Hartzer and Marcus Zillman

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