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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Reid Hoffman; Nike grows global web sales 42%

PLUS: Google Glass is now in stock;Aereo shuts down at 11.30 am ET. Very sad.What Your Interview Body Language Reveals About You; The Best Chrome Extensions for SEO (and Life In General); A $24 Million Yacht Went Up in Flames and a Drone Filmed It All; The Social CEO in a Crisis— "Social media is important to CEOs and other C-suite executives. And it is becoming more important with each passing day, while the absence of many prominent CEOs becomes that much more glaring."

Samsung is deploying another weapon in its ongoing effort to jostle Apple from the top of the U.S. smartphone market. Starting on July, shoppers in five U.S. cities can visit a Samsung pop-up store and leave...

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