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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Diller Throws Shoe At Murdoch- Supreme Court Throws it Back- No You Can't Steal The Signals of the Guys Who Fired You!

Graduation Tip: How To Make $1,000,000/Year  & Aereo Loses In Supreme Court, Deemed Illegal:
I was in the wings that sunny June day in 1992 at the 21st Century lot waiting to meet with Barry Diller (to discuss domain names as Internet brands) had he not thrown that shoe at Rupert Murdoch and began a twenty-five year wake of disruption aimed to take his old boss out of the broadcast equation. Though he built dozens of domain branded beauties (mostly hiding in stealth behind primo generics and the millennials running them and using ADVERTISING something shunned by the generic domain thinkers) Aereo was his baby... his payback time. Well it looks like Jobs won't get even with Schmidt an now neither will Diller get the last laughs on Murodoch. Good thing Rick Schwartz is left holding the domain I planned to use to write about it all.  Ironically now Rupert finds himself with my Dad's childhood bestie Sumner R. Much more news today.....

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