Frager Factor

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flush With Capital, AirBNB is Advertising LARGE: How About Advertising Here?

I can only show you the first frame in this multi-frame animated Giff ad that AirBNB is running on the homepage of the Huffington Post. It's one of the few ever digital ads that really gets my attention because it engages you in a dream sequence of all the places to go, do and see in the world with the twist that now it's all within your reach.

The demographic on The Frager Factor would be ideal for this ad. We enjoy nice cars, good wine and great food. We go to conventions and bring the highest economic impact to the host city compared to other groups. We travel, were born and are tethered digital and we prefer the adventurous such as an AirBNB versus Priceline or Expedia. Just look at how one of the smartest domainers alive wings his way across the world.

Operators are standing by.

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