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Monday, June 09, 2014

Google Will Soon Introduce 'Nearby' Turning Your Mic On To Let Other 'People, Places, And Things' Know When You're Around

Google Will Soon Introduce 'Nearby' To Let Other 'People, Places, And Things' Know When You're Around. Ironically is owned by our old friend Alvarez.

A couple of months ago, we posted one of our early Google Search/Now rumors, and it was something of a long range rumor compared to others. While things like parking reminders, proper timer management, and bill pay reminders have already seen their public release, the ability to set contact-based reminders ("remind me when I'm with this person"), hasn't come forward yet. But it will likely appear very soon with a new feature in Android called Nearby, which will allow new interactions between you and nearby people, places, and things.

It's early, but Nearby is definitely a functionality to keep an eye out for. Besides the obvious applications like the previously rumored contact-based reminders, the feature could have huge potential for other areas. We can't be certain whether this will be an I/O unveiling, but here's hoping we hear something official soon.

Many people (not me) won't be very comfortable with the idea of it having access to your mic. I can just imagine the "GOOGLE CAN NOW CONTROL YOUR MIC" sort of news articles..

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