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Sunday, June 22, 2014

One of My First Daily Reads CollapseNet (.com) Rebrands to but...

I've written a lot about and its founder Michael C. Ruppert who recently met with a shocking and unexpected death. If you don't know about Michael, I encourage you to start by watching his film. He had some other urgent releases in the can before he passed and those will make it to mainstream TV soon, a miracle in and of itself.

I believe that the truth movement was fueled in large part by Mike who launch and online site when Google logged on and made it possible to enlighten the world. From a large following of politicians, Professors and Hollywood types, the truth is indexed and easily available to anyone that can handle it. I often thought the better name for thus site would have been owned by Frank Schilling.

Now to the problem. From an end users standpoint rebranding is not a slam dunk. That's the major hurdle the Gs will have to overcome. To learn more about how an end user thinks about name change I am reposting publisher and CEO Wesley Miller's post about the transition. They are looking for help, and if you have the skills and a soul, please feel free to jump in.
The task of changing our name from to is no easy or quick job. This website will continuously be functional, but it will also be “under construction”. Please be patient if you find any problems or hiccups, and let us know either in the comments section or by sending an email to 
You may have notice the temporary header that I put up, but it does not yet match the url. We own the domain name and it is currently being re-directed to I have been asked why we are not yet re-directing traffic in the other direction, to The problem starts with literally all of the articles and videos on having a CollapseNet url, meaning we would have to go back to each item and individually change the url’s to reflect, which would be a forbidding obstacle in terms of time and manpower. To work around this problem, we have to create a brand new website with updated software under the domain name, then migrate all of our files into that new website (which is much easier and faster to accomplish). That is the road we intend to take. 
We still need IT help!!  
We have had a few responses to our initial request for new volunteer help, but we need more, especially in the IT area. What we need specifically is a web designer to help us put together the new look and function for All previous volunteers with were offered Independent Contractor (paid) positions as soon as 
CollapseNet had enough funds to pay them, and our intention now is the same as then - if we have the money, we will pay you something for your efforts. All of those initial IC’s were later offered stock in the company based upon their performance as volunteers and IC’s. So if you are IT capable and want to get involved at the start of a “new” company with excellent potential to grow with the company, we need to talk ASAP. Please email me at

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