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Sunday, June 29, 2014

.Vegas = .Dry: Fact-Based Support of Claim to Life's Expiration Date 2030 Continues

Further proving Michael Ruppert's thesis we published (not OUR opinion folks, HIS) earlier this week about the extinction of all resources needed to support life on earth comes a support in damning report that Las Vegas will be dry of all water by 2036. The evidence is mounting folks. 

"Amid a brutal drought the reservoir that supplies 90 per cent of Las Vegas’s water is fast disappearing and desperate attempts to save Sin City are under way"

" with many things in Sin City, the apparently endless supply of water is an illusion."

"...Lake Mead has slowly been drained of four trillion gallons of water and is now well under half full. Mr Barnett predicts it may be a “dead pool” that provides no water by about 2036."

We are just reporting what we see and hear so you can make informed decisions. But I wouldn't be booking a long-term package deal for NameCon if I were in charge.

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