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Thursday, June 12, 2014

.xYZ- Brilliant Marketing, Bravo! Online course trains tattoo artists to spot skin cancer

PLUS: Search engine aims to make the web’s hashtags more useful; App enables amateur chefs to turn their apartment into a restaurant; Online course trains tattoo artists to spot skin cancer; The Busiest Man On The Internet; Be Familiar and Be Remembered and.. This Email Exchange Proves There’s No Such Thing As A “No” In Sales

REGARDING .XYZ (SEE BELOW) New domain spin will create wandering eyes to different registers where NETSOL LOYALISTS will for the first time discover lower prices leading to n exodus and lost share. This is a retention strategy and only xyz works because the others are too specific and wouldn't apply to most accounts,

I think it's brilliant marketing executed poorly. The idea is they are overcharging for dotCOM and will be discovered DOING SO on dotCOM COMPARED TO OTHER REGISTRIES- giving them 3 for price of two lowers the average and retains accounts. Plus if they said "xyz came out and we have no idea if the world will embrace it. But what we'd like to do is reserve one for you that matches your dot com say we reserve a year at no cost to you. If it takes off then you won't have to litigate a squatter. You'll thank us for it. Or if it doesn't work, there's no risk or loss." PLus as an add-on to an existing account rather than pay $40 a year for your dot coms you do know we can add it on for just $3 a month more. The flexibility to hide, distort the numbers provides leverage and competitive advantage and all smart marketers use this strategy.

Domainers really have no business caring, debating what .xyz does. The extension owes domainers nothing and with a partner like NetSol has taken a bet on a more sure thing- the end user.

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