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Monday, July 07, 2014

2030 As Life's Expiration Date Part Three "Once In Decades Storm" (every day)

A New Week
Mondays have always been about starting new.. a new week, a new day, a new opportunity to get back on track thinking about gloom and doom.

Now we have the third of a triple threat:
- Overpopulation (not enough food and water)
- Climate Change (including Earthquake consequences from short-sighted fracking to rule world oil)
- Asteroid

When every weather event on a daily basis is described as a one in a lifetime of decades storm.. it's time to deport the climate change deniers and keep the young strong illegals who stand shovel-ready to clean up the forth coming mess because insurance won't be covering  disasters much longer. Plus that NUKE disaster you don't think is our problem is about to blow (our way). Once you get your head out of domain-only news there's bigger fish to fry.

If all that's not enough your business plan has a perpetual bullet on it's head. "Tussling with technology but imprisoned by the straight-jacket of convention"

And Merlin... about that Sushi... see below...

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