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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Any Hating on The Castellos....

41 Similar Marquee names Worth $35 Million A Picture Each
I will take personally. To call their portfolio "domain names" and rank them by Estibot is highly insulting. 

The only name that qualifies to go before names in this case is "Marquee"...  yes they are selling Marquee Names. 

You know like the $35 million a picture movies stars get because they draw attention to everything else and there wouldn't be the first dime of revenue without them. 

Nashville? Just look at the TV franchise that is now extended to albums and tours and sells spots for a million dollars a 30-second spot. And sells out stadiums at $100 a ticket.

And when talking Castellos you are talking brands. And when you talk brands you have to consider the case of iPhone a name Apple does not own but licenses it from Cisco at $30 a pop. Do the math! 

And more do the thinking.. even the infamous Selfie at the Oscars backfired for Samsung because like Coke and Kleenex, the world just assumed she was using an iPhone.

No don't hate on the Castellos. They've worked hard and deserve all the success they have coming. And I can hear Barry Diller's foot steps not to far away. For I, for one, truly know what those shoes sound like hitting a hard surface. j

Hotel? Trviago? You decide!

btw, NBC wrotes Ellen's Oscar Selfie was worth a $1billion in  free publicity for Samsung (including unpaid actors who get $35 million a picture- count them above) so when you factor in the real world and not the domain world... with the Casetllos, the price IS right!

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