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Tuesday, July 01, 2014 Aereo Takes The Fight To The People (and Congress)

Aereo CEO Chet Kenojia and his dream via Dallas News
This is NOT TV. It's about TV on the Internet (exactly what I was posting about earlier): "Aereo's case has been sent back down to the lower court. Some observers have argued that the Supreme Court decision, while apparently fatal for Aereo right now, opens a wider battle to get Congress to update communications laws."

Leave it to Barry Diller, one of the worlds latest stealth domainers and as a new media innovator,  he understands the power of social media. So why should what the Supreme Court says stand anyway? Half of them probably never typed a single key on any device, let alone be qualifies to understand the disintermediation of Hollywood that is consumer-driven.

How it Began:
According to TechCrunchBarry Diller always enjoys riling the media industry from which he sprang. A few minutes ago at a press conference at IAC headquarters in New York City, Diller introduced a new startup IAC is backing called Aereo that is building a DVR in the cloud that broadcasts live TV to your iPad, computer, or TV.  Diller has always believed that Internet TV would be a healthy counterweight to “media concentration” as media companies increasingly want “to protect that closed system.”

The problem with Internet TV so far, says Diller, is that “there wasn’t a lot to watch” other than “cats swinging from chandeliers.” And other hardware solutions presented the problem of more boxes in the living room. “Who wants another remote, box, wires?” asks Diller. “Everyone already has enough of all that stuff.”

But he sees Aereo as a way “to transform television and how you receive it.” The way it works is it actually sends live broadcast TV to your computer or iPad. Aereo builds boxes the size small refrigerators with arrays of tiny TV antennas inside. Each of those antennas can be programmed to deliver broadcast video over the Internet to viewers. (One video stream per viewer at a time). And this is how the company gets around legal barriers, it is just tuning into live TV. This is a similar approach in concept to what Slingbox did, but instead of tuning into your own TV, it tunes into a TV antenna in the cloud.
Now.. Just in from AdAge: 
"Back in April, Aereo CEO Chet Kenojia made headlines when he said that a decisive Supreme Court loss would basically amount to the end of his company.

With that decisive loss now delivered, a new letter Mr. Kenojia released this morning shows how thoroughly he has changed his mind.

"Today, I'm asking you to raise your hands and make your voices heard," the letter reads.

"Visit the updated, find your representatives and send tweets, emails and Facebook messages asking them to take action to protect your right to use the antenna of your choice to access live free-to-air broadcasts, including the ability to use a cloud-based antenna," it says. "Don't let your voices be silenced. Let's stand together for innovation, progress, and technology."

Over on the site itself, clicking on a "Speak Out" button draws users to a sidebar, which allows visitors to automatically generate emails or tweets that can be sent directly to a user's representative in Congress.  more....

Flashback: Did they change the name to Aereo after failing to acquired the more desired Aereos from Frank Schilling who's namesake is his private jet?

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