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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Free User is Not a Customer; Vine's 6-Second Superstars Cash In

PLUS: Powered By Lithium: Will Foxconn Make The Electric iCar For Apple…; Tesla Hits Record High Despite Bad Reviews; Google AdWords Bug Costs Company $1000s; Finally, We're Talking About Mental Illness Like Adults; Link Building is Dead; Hiring a PR Firm Doesn’t Free You from PR Duties; Morning Joe Speechless Following Kim K Clip; Record customer service calls without breaking the law... and How to Weaponize your Cat to Hack Neighbours’ Wi-Fi Passwords

    • Depression is a monster. It’s ugly, and relentless, and manipulative. It turns you against yourself, and transforms you into a weapon with which it attacks you. It feels like a mountain on your shoulders that only gets heavier. It doesn’t give up, and it doesn’t disappear.

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