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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Best- And Worst-Performing Cloud Computing Stocks; Apple Blows $1 Billion Hole In Samsung's Business

PLUS: Mark Cuban- The Best Booze for Dieters; Algorithm Tells You If A Twitter Account Is a Spam Bot; Picking Through Google's Pigeon Droppings...Exclusive Google ‘Camp’ Draws Elite to Sicilian Resort (and what a resort it is!); How Successful People Stay Calm; 10 Cities Running Out of Water and New Apple Store in the Netherlands will have a 360° Genius Bar

  • How SEO & Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business - And Life
  • via Samit Madan
  • via Mark Cuban
  • 12h ago
  • Owen Frager

  • 10 Cities Running Out of Water

      "Its major selling points are the more old-fashioned pleasures of sand, sun and schmoozing."
  • Owen Frager

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