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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Bitcoin’s “Spoiled Little Brother” Is The World's First Domain-Backed Crypto-Currency

Although Bitcoin is the mainstream headliner, another coin, dubbed its “spoiled little brother”, is making big waves in the crypto-currency industry by being the first to be asset-backed, the first to offer profit-sharing.

“Sync Coin is more like an investment and member ‘club’ than a ‘currency’ like Bitcoin,” says Sync Foundation and co-founder, Mike Fiol. “For one thing, there are only 1,100 of them and now they are asset-backed, profit sharing vehicles.”

Those assets include other crypto-currencies but also premium domain names like,,,,, and more – the current portfolio has thirteen domain names with another ten yet to be unveiled.

==> Mike lists several reasons why a domain name-backed crypto-currency is a safe bet:

1. Domains are a global commodity. The Internet is not a singular institution, country or entity that can fail. It has a growing yet solidified place in a globalized future.

2. Domain names are not based in debt and actually benefit from economic downturns and instability.

3. Unlike Lehman Brothers or Mac and Mae, the Internet is not going anywhere but up – especially with the next item as consideration.

4. Energy issues/prices and depleted discretionary income will drive more usage of the Internet as entertainment, news source, global connective, savings source.

5. The normal ‘hedge’ in these times is ‘gold’ but at nearly $1,300 per ounce, it is a prohibitive investment vehicle. And note, during the Great Depression, the government seized precious metals from its citizenry.

For domain investors, that means owning two sets of appreciating assets, the domains and the coin itself which currently exchanges on the open market for $540 each – up 400% over last month.

“The crypto market has clearly embraced Sync but they don’t understand domain value yet, so it is still underpriced,” adds Fiol, a highly successful domain investor himself. “Domainers can diversify and profit by buying Sync before crypto wakes up.”

To get paid on domain sales, coin holders must own at least three (3) Sync coins and then enroll in the profit-sharing program, called Sync Profits. Whenever a sale is made, a large percentage is paid out to all members in the program.

Yet Sync also offers many other benefits like speed, high interest staking, airline miles, GPS discounts, parties, rewards and more.

“Being a Sync owner comes with many tangible rewards outside the domains,” remarks Fiol. “But assets, profits, value and growth are the main dish so yes we’re spoiled.”

Sync Coins can be purchased at all the major alt-coin exchanges including Mintpal, Bittrex, Poloniex and Cryptsy.  

Domainers can also purchase Sync direct with fiat, email for details.

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