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Monday, August 25, 2014

gTLD Fail: VMA's Prove Millennials Reject Dot Com, But Embrace Hashtags (An engrained behavior harder to break than smoking)

At there VMAs and elsewhere it's all about the hashtags. Yes the visionaries were right to predict that a new generation would eschew tired old dot com but unless the g's can create a major marketing surge to break the stronghold on hashtags as advertising's call-to-action, the g's may very well be dead on arrival. 

The thing is many kids use them to be cool not for the search benefit but say I go with #owenpool anyone in the "club" just type that into Google and find what they need (watch an episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and you'll see what I mean). Someone pushed them on this like cigarettes and the habit will be as hard to break. 

Make no mistake these hashtags weren't a user-invented trend that appeared overnight. They came via warriors who fucked up and manipulated minds to act as they want- this is the psychology of advertising driven by  some very mad men. I believe it was Madison Ave's collective brainpower that pushed the hashtag as a away to get even and one up on the extortionist domainers who beat them in their own game.

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