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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Move Over Domains: Florida's Better Call Saul (Peter Ticktin) Introduces "Star Star Law"

In the Domain circles, there is much criticism and debate about the "death of dot com" claims being slung around by those behind the new gTLDS. They may have one thing right. Dot COM may not always be the future answer for direct response advertising. Because as the smartest man alive on the web always says, past behavior is no harbinger for future success.

There are so many law firm commercials on TV here in Florida, and few have stopping power. I could never spell this attorney's name, so thankfully his call to action is Originally covered on TFF in 2008, and an early adaptor of legal direct response marketing, The Ticktin Law Group (Florida's very of Better Call Saul) is a business and litigation law firm with its main office in Deerfield Beach Florida. The firm has a notable Mortgage Foreclosure Defense practice. They are also known as

We've applauded Mr. Ticktin  before for his ground-breaking and innovative use of domains in highway billboard advertising. The lawyers in Florida duke it our for clients and up until now it's been a case of may the best DOMAIN win. Not any more...

Take a close look at this spot where new telephone response technology ** is introduced. There's a reason Marchex may have dropped Yun Ye's portfolio for call techology. This is the new direction for direct-response advertising. Not dot COM. But not gTLD either.  Have a look:
Says the spot: "On you cell just call Star Star Law or visit our Web site The Ticktin Law Group is the Legal Brains you want between you are your problems. So if you "Need an Attorney" for Divorce, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Real Estate , Commercial Litigation, Business Law, Family Law, Entertainment Law, Criminal Defense, Employment Law, or for other legal issues, think of The Ticktin Law Group. Offices in the State of Florida: Deerfield Beach, Fort Myers, Miami Lakes, Melbourne, Orlando, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Stuart, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, West Palm Beach."

Claims their beautifully-designed site, "Hiring a lawyer is more complex, because, unlike the car mechanic, it is usually necessary to work with your lawyer. You need more than honesty and competence. You need someone with whom you can relate. You need the kind of character which we seek in our hiring process. Simply put, the lawyers you hire should be the kind of people you refer to as “good people.” You want someone who will take your situation seriously, and at the same time, someone who gets along with not only you, but with opposing counsel, judges, witnesses, and others who may be involved in your case or situation.

With our cases, our lawyers work as teams, and we first work up our goals and strategies. This is most important. We aim to represent you and more. When we say: “We want you to become our client,” we mean that for not only the instant issue which just brought you to this page, but for life and all the twists and turns which it offers as we go forward through time. Welcome to The Ticktin Law Group. Please take your time and explore this website. You will find us to be different and the kind of lawyers you want.

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