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Friday, August 01, 2014

P&G Will Merge or Divest More Than Half of Its Brands- Who Will Get These 322 Domain Names?

And what of its massive primo collection of domains from the early 90s, many never turned on?

Procter & Gamble Co. plans to divest, discontinue or merge more than half of its brands globally as it restructures to focus on its top 70 to 80 brands, Chairman-CEO A.G. Lafley said on the company's earnings conference call today.

The move comes more than 14 months after Mr. Lafley returned as CEO, and at the end of a fiscal year he described as meeting P&G's financial commitments but falling well short of what it should have done.

"We delivered our business and financial commitments in 2013-14, but we could have and should have done better," Mr. Lafley said. "If just a couple of businesses that missed their going-in operating plans had delivered, we would have achieved our initial leadership-team goals," which includes 4% sales growth vs. the 3% organic growth reported for the year and 2% for the quarter, and improved market share rather than "roughly holding share," as reported.

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P&G Domains Part Two: 322 Holdings That May Surprise You

In an earlier post we questioned the wisdom of PG branding its new endeavor   in favor of the super-premium alternatives already in their to drool over portfolio.

If  Michael Cyger thinks is a waste, how about passing on names like....

In favor of PG Connect Develop (.com)?

Yes, Procter  Gamble Co. who markets 300 brands to nearly five billion consumers in more than140 countries, launched a website to link innovators with the company’s most pressing needs.

Here are 322 other domains owned by PG that may surprise you. They are not as glamorous as one might think, but they do offer a teaching moment in all of the ways a big consumer brand uses domains to build global sales.

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