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Saturday, September 06, 2014

A New Billion Dollar Revenue Stream Born on a Frank Schilling Domain (Almost)

At the close of June, we reported Frank Schilling's sale of to A& E Networks, parent to the History Channel (acquired in stealth by CSC). At the time we reasoned….
"Frank Schilling wasn't bullish on dotTv and blogged about it here. he didn't buy many because, like me, he knew TV was going to become the FAX of watching content. But every show would need a name and great dotCOM names would stand the test of time.  Hence the large profitable and lucrative to A&E's History Channel. 
As an example of what's happening in TV, how big media is casting doubt on dotTV and how ad agencies are switching budgets to shows now on Netflix, YouTube, Yahoo and mobile apps.  
These anywhere, any device, anytime, offerings cater too the millennial generation who doesn't gather round the television and to wait for breaking news, or with their family to watch the Brady bunch (substitute any 3 network 8PM hits) as in past history. 
Little did we know then that Planet History would become the umbrella brand for thousands of children's games and mobile apps, which are being supported by a massive television advertising campaign. The problem is that the channel is actually branded as the logo states (see above) as "Planet H" and is owned by a small pet products company. I wonder why CSC didn't buy a new brand to donate the pet company so they can have the real deal. Question is whether these stealth acquirers are just out to make a  commission for are they truly working hard to serve client's needs.

It's one thing to view a name's value on Estibot. It's another to see it in lights. The best way I can help you to understand BRAND value versus Domain value is that PlanetHistory will be to future generations of children what Disney is today.

Have a look a just one of the spots then ask yourself what is a domain name really worth?

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