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Monday, September 08, 2014

Cancer Center (.com) and 250 Other of Their Call-to-Action Domains

Cancer Treatment Centers of America took home the category-killing prize in their space early on in the domain name game: It's the most relevant and meaningful call-to-action in a TV campaign that offers hope to this afflicted. Have a look.

Because if your URL isn’t short, easy to remember, and relevant, it can have a big impact on traffic and company branding.

Here on the Web, the most direct marketing medium ever invented, the right name is more important than ever. It can directly impact your image, instantly establish trust and credibility, and gain more recognition among all stakeholders.

The most effective names serve as that one element vital to the success of all direct marketing: a relevant and memorable call to action.

In other words, like the best 800 numbers, the best domain names tell the prospect in an easy-to-remember way what to do next, where to go for information, why to request a demo or when to place an order — which, of course, is right now.

The organization's name and domain name need not match. In fact the more domains the better, offering prospects multiple gateways of entry. 

To give you an idea of some of the names that might have value in this space, here are some of Cancer Center of America's domains:

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