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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Graze (.com) "Keeping Your Hand Out of The Cookie Jar"

Morgan was bragging about a Plated, new online service that delivers everything he needs to to make a meal, sparing him the agony of shopping. Now will take care of his needs (and yours) between meals too. The UK-based business is now delivering across the pond.

According to their website, "Graze was started by seven friends sick of chips and candy, who wanted a better way to snack."

"We quit our jobs and camped out in a friend’s spare room for months and after a lot of hard work, was born - snacks that show off the tasty side of health and are delivered directly to you."

"Fast forward a few years and we have developed a range of over 90 delicious snacks and designed an intelligent algorithm, that we call DaRWIN, to customize each and every box specially for you."

Regged in 1998, the domain was owned by for years and transferred in 2007 to an English investor who transferred it to the current owners in 2012. All were private undisclosed transactions. But it's a perfect fit to a simple idea revolving around direct-response TV advertising.

Check out the spot.

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