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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"I Bought A Domain From A Squatter. It Was Painful But Had To Be Done."

UPDATE: Jason Snell: “I don't mean to say they're squatting on me. They were squatting on the domain, and I wanted it, so I bought it. Pretty simple. I don't love that unused domains sell for thousands, but that's the system we use, and it was too good a name to pass up. Someday I’ll tell you the details. It's boring. I negotiated a price and paid it."

"So when I said I bought a domain from a squatter, now you know which one. It was painful but had to be done." ~~Tweeted Jason Snell

Jason Snell formerly lead editor for Macworld for more than a decade is now his own publisher on

Says Jason on his blog, "During my time at Macworld, I covered every major Apple product release, including every version of OS X, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and much more. I’ve written breaking news, interviewed executives (including Steve Jobs), reviewed major products, written how-to articles, penned award-winning editorials, shot and edited videos, produced podcasts… you name it."

What does the name of the site mean?
"Back in the olden days, Apple’s logo featured a rainbow of six colors. Longtime Apple fans and employees used to say that if you cut them, they would “bleed six colors.”"

"I’ve been using Apple’s products since I was in elementary school. And it has defined my professional life, too, since I’ve been writing about it for two decades. Apple will always be a part of me. I am one of those people who bleeds in six colors."

"My career—not just in tech journalism, but also in my side projects focused on entertainment and pop culture—has shown that I believe you can love something while still considering it it critically. I may not be Hypercritical, but I believe that we better appreciate the world by analyzing it."

"I am here to be honest about Apple and all other technology, the good and the bad. After 20 years under the auspices of publishing companies, I am doing this on my own. I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I hope you’ll join me for it."

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We put a Tweet into Jason to try to learn more about the domain acquisition and the identity of the so called "squatter" who is located in British Columbia. If he replies, I will update this post.

It's doubtful anyone is "squatting" on a business that just came into existence. It might be a better word to call the owner a visionary who realized Macworld and others like it wouldn't be forever and that top talent like Jason orphaned by their employers would decades later follow in the footsteps of smart journalists who realize print is dying and a domain name offers them their own soap box, their own "broadcast station" with worldwide reach.

Good luck Jason. We are huge Apple fans and already fans of yours!

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