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Friday, October 17, 2014

Back From The Grave. Did You Miss Me? Billionaires Buy Hawaii

It's almost impossible to keep me offline less than ten minutes so when I disappear for nearly a week, you know I must have been sick as a dog. The flu or whatever it was really knocked me for a loop. Meanwhile the biggest news is that start of the end of cable which has been the obstacle to the Apple's biggest TV reinvention ever (making everything they've done so far and to the music industry, for example pale by comparison). Did you know ESPN gets $5 per cable sub subscriber whether they want ESPN or not, which is why cable won't be put down easy. ESPN and others have and will fight Apple and the rightful wishes of the consumer to monopolize and dominate how we consume content. 

  • Hawaii is loaded 
    billionaires these days!  The Go-Pro guy bought a lot of property too.
    Larry Ellison on Lanai last week with a billionaire friend who bought out the hotels, bringing in the Beach Boys and Hillary Clinton!  

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