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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Berkens Blow Back: "Scammers Scamming Scammers" "Parasite Domain Snatchers"

Crazy UDRPs. Thefts. Now this. An industry in turmoil or reaping what it sows?

Crazy Reddit chatter about Berkens domain case. People extremely negative on domainers…..

"Basically, these parasites snatch up domain names for cheap with little to no effort, then resell them for exorbitant profits despite providing no useful service to society. They also squat on domains that remain nothing more than shitty ad-filled dead ends instead of letting people actually create something out of them. Domain speculators are a cancer. Not sad to see garbage lose anything."

This is the perception which I only blame the industry for creating more domains to solve the problem rather than taking that budget to change perceptions of what is now. That is what I was pissed about years ago at Traffic when I wrote in disappoint about the show, misunderstood as aiming at the showmen when I was attacking the industry for launching XXX and focusing on that rather than $20 million on Super Bowl spots to change perception. Now Frank owns the best of both world's but will need to change this perception or his own inventory will be in peril. 

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