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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Hollywood Dropping Domains In Mass

Big Hollywood finally accepted defeat in the never ending bid to get ahead of speculators to acquire Exact Match Domains for their titles. Just go to your local movie theater and watch the coming attractions. Many show no domain at all. It's all Hashtags, especially when going for the lucrative younger demo. To understand this trend and how it defies recent guidance on gilds which didn't even address Hashtags, see my post about The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills or check out and episode of ABC's new series called "Selfie" before it gets the ax. Or perhaps observe your own kids behavior.

As for the older folks, when I read today in the New York Times that Jeff Zucker can't stop barking orders on his "Blackberry.... well let's just leave it at they still have a lot of catching up today.

That doesn't mean gTLD is a total fail. There are many end user needs for taxonomy domains to replace "SharePoint" Intranet methods and also the GEOS, CLUB, PICS, PHOTO and many others hold untapped possibilities to serve niche markets.

Note that Frager Factor is high on the first page of Google search results and above more mainstream publications for Hashtags and by studying the traffic we get (harder by Google's masking of keywords, but possible) we see trends not obvious to everyone else.)

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