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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New gTLDs Finally Making A Lot of Sense

We all said the best of sign of gTLD success would not be the meaningless "papering the decks" metrics of how many sold, but end-user adaption. The "Pizza Wars" in play at .NYC and with .RealEstate and .Realtor in the hands of the communities they serve, the pendulum is about to shift. 

Plus: DocuSign Gets $115 Million to Expand E-Signature Services; Google Releases Video Series On Taking Your Local Business Online; Everything You Know About Digital Advertising is About to Change; That moment when everyone over 35 in the office suddenly realizes everyone under 30 lives in a different universe."… Decoding The Cryptic Tesla D Tweet; Why Did BFGoodrich Toss a Truck Tire Out of an Airplane? (hat Tip Alan Dunn); How These Brilliant Digital Billboards Are Delivering a Hair-Raising Message

Boy did @RickSchwartz nailed this turmoil in his always right-on predictions. Maybe that's why he's bailing?

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