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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Proposing a Roast: What Rick Schwartz, The Other Rick Schwartz and Domain Holdings Have In Common

Something funny happened to me this week.

Always remembering Domain King Rick Schwartz's amazingly accurate predictions I like to flag him on any social media post that proves him right.

So when I reported on LinkedIn about Jeff Bezos and Amazon's biggest losses ever, I did so using social media handle @rickschwartz (Rick's LinkedIn handle). But I use another application that automatically distributes my LinkedIn posts to other platforms including this blog.

That's when I realized having a social media handle that matches your domain name and is consistent across all social platforms is more important than ever as we had towards 2015.

My eyes were opened to this from an exchange I had on Twitter with the person behind @RickSchwartz there which is not the same as my friend @RickSchwartz on LinkedIn and Facebook. He got the misdirected blurb about Bezos instead:

I no sooner have this awakening when my other pal Alan Dunn blogs about Domain Holdings incredible $10 million quarter predicting "Higher interest in social media handle acquisitions – (we acquired 3x what we did in Q2)."

Folks neither gTLDs nor dotCOMS will solve all the naming conundrums as we move into the 21st Century and beyond.

btw, I was in New York and had to miss the special anniversary and Rick's last TRAFFIC last week. I had pre-taped some roast zingers. Not sure if they showed them given the appearance by masked, mystery roaster Jeff Schneider. But in case they didn't, from a pure place of love, here they go:

"I've hung out with a lot of shady people over the years: Losers, drug addicts, desperate whores. But to have you all here on one night is really special." Even more impressive is out host Rick owns all of you characters, as domains.” 
Rick’s always wearing sunglasses but he’s made so many enemies in Domaining he should really wear them backwards like Guy Ferrerori so people get confused and don't punch him in the face.  
Rick Schwartz. It’s a great name. That’s who Kim Kardashian calls out in her dreams every night. After all when it comes to names who else can claim ownership of the biggest in dick and ass.” 
"Rick, you’re such a cheap buyer that if you're winning a domain auction, then something's wrong with the fucking scoreboard.”  
"All the world's a stage...and Rick's been booed off them all."   
"Rick, you’re just like Bruce Willis--you were big in the 90s and now your old slot's being filled with Richard Lau.”    
“Rick’s so fast he can turn out the lights in his bedroom and be in the bed before the room gets dark.”  
“I understand Rick is a big NSCAR fan but to Rick lap traffic means something altogether different."  
“Ricks had a bunch of idiots on his forum. Maven, Gordon Cooper. These guys went for a brain scan and they found a hemorrhoid.” 

Seriously folks, today we recognize Rick’s leadership and courage in building a better Internet and for taking all of us along for the ride and profit. Best to you Rock in whatever is the next 20-year plan.

Photo Top: Speaking of coincidences, Industry veteran Mike Robertson (left), who recently moved from Australia to Florida to take a new position with DNC Holdings, visits with T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founder Rick Schwartz via DNJournal

Photo Bottom: Unknown comic and mystery roaster Jeff Schneider wows the crowd via Scott Ross Facebook

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