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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Frank Schilling: The Final Curtain. Get a New Heart Valve and Go Ballistic With Part 2 of 5.

Here is the second in a series of names sold by DNS house or Power Seller accounts. Frank loved to buy "fest' names and with the best prospect proved to be the most unlikely— a bank. 

One of the "fest" names conspicuously absent from Frank's collection is, but that can all change soon. 

Similarly what would you guess for?

Maybe a hotline for police tips and leads? Well you'd be wrong again. See where it landed below.

So forget what you think you know about domains. 

You'll learn about true value when you see where the names we showcase land. And when I say "land" I mean with an end user, in-use, forever. Not like many of the other blogs that review sales histories a year later and most have never been activated. Whats up with that? Between obsession with frequency, CPC, Alexa scores, DNJournal charts and Estibot, domainers entire business plans are based on fundamentally flawed assumptions.

None of those fundamentals mattered squat in the closing all of the sales reported below or over three years of my reporting the best-quality, highest-priced and most sticky end-user sales on the planet— the results from Domain Name Sales.

12 years a slave to parked pages, the domains featured here rise and shine with human ingenuity. Bravo to the buyers!

What a typical "fest" domain looks like  before via
What became

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