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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Frank Schilling: The Final Curtain Part 5 of 5- Jets For Sale or Full Truckload You're Going To Need A Health Check UP

Well this is installment 5/5 but not yet the final curtain. Before the year's end we will share a little bonus something about Frank that's been hinted at on the blogs recently but no one has a clue the depth and breath this dotCOM expedition is taking. For homework I want you to go to HBO ON Demand and binge watch the first season of their show The Wire. Focus on the main character and how he diversifies his money. This is not about Frank doing anything illicit or illegal as the character on the TV show does, but Frank surely was watching and taking careful note of the macro economic lessons built into the plot line which certainly plays well here in the g versus com debate. The next clue is in the photo to the left.

Meanwhile today you will see a vast wasteland of formerly algorithmic-driven parked horse shit transformed into vital, valuable contributors to the Internet community, and the society at large. The key is human ingenuity.

And while there will always be mergers/acquisitions, bankruptcy, health issues, family owner estate and diverse issues to put a steady stream of good dotComs back in play, for the most part, for these names showcased here today on matter how much DNS got, should have got, could have got, or did get— it's all mute because to these new owners, no price is high enough to take them now.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays and wish you a prosperous New Year. Thanks for listening and for your unbridled support the past seven year as we reach the end of the run.

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