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Monday, December 22, 2014

Frank Schilling: The Final Curtain

As Domain Name Sales closes its books on another year, will it be a record-breaker? A dud? How will it compare with Domain Holdings and Marchex? How did the new G's cannibalize the chances to sell .com inventory? How much more confidence is there now to hold out for the fair and right price given the RECORD sales histories being set? 

Only Frank will know as he keeps his numbers close to the vest. But insiders tell me as was the case stated by another popular Blogger, "2013 was a great year but we wouldn't be sorry to see 2014 go."  

The only question is will we see Frank, in two weeks in Vegas, making it finally official that he is the new owner of NamesCon and Traffic and by default Domainfest closing everyone else down and becoming UniCon?

Here in the first of a five-part series are some of the more notable DNS sales of the last quarter. Formerly parked pages now adorned with strong brands, plans and ideas brought to life.

Photo: Fun at the Uniregistry Christmas Party via @Frank_Schilling/Twitter

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