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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Stealing a 3-Letter Domain Name? Piece of Cake.

After a life in the shadows, a former top member behind $50 million and thousands of hacks including the US Senate, breaks his silence and blows the  whistle on Internet theft. "who's guarding the guards he says. Edward Snowden for example is a bunch of lone ranger contractors with in oversight." Charlie asked him if he realized what he would have become had he ended up in Silicon Valley rather than the projects. It's fruit for thought !

How a top Anonymous hacker became an FBI informant
Anonymous is one of the biggest online vigilante groups where members hack into companies and governments. Hector Monsegur, a former top member who helped carry out cyberattacks that caused $50 million in damage, is breaking his silence in his first television interview on "CBS This Morning." Click on the corner of the video to enlarge. Charlie Rose reports.

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