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Sunday, January 18, 2015

All in a Week of the Life of Frank Schilling: Partying With The Stars At Golden Globes; Show Stealer of NamesCon; And a Moment of Silence For Dearly Departed

It was a hell of a week for uber domainer extraordinaire Frank Schilling and his crew who showed their true colors and soared above other sponsors with the marketing presence at Names Con everyone is still buzzing about. Along the way,  a stop to mingle with stars (and name prospects) at the Golden Globes and a moment of silence to remember his dearly and recently departed parked pages, showcased below, now in the hands on new end user owners who will take their spirit into an afterlife of productive bliss for the Internet and Society. Is there an afterlife in the cards for your domains? Call Jeff at Domain Name Sales and get started. As for Frank, stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Summing up the week Frank Tweeted, "  @ $29k in a live auction. Just registered and .link for $10 @Uniregistry. It's like free money"

Photos: Frank Schilling via Twitter and Jodi Chamberlain via Facebook and DNJournal

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