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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

At NamesCon: Wishing You Were Here (But You Can Bid Remotely For The Auction ON NOW!)

It's going to be a hell of a rumble at this afternoon's AUCTION with Adam Dicker and Mike Berkens throwing in AAA names at no reserve plus it will be a test for the Gs. The very best of them are available to anyone to secure today. SO ten years from now you don't look back and say "How did I miss that?"

Thanks to Water Shave, which raised a ground breaking $133K (hear this Mr. trump) ...cooler heads will prevail. It was also a great night for Women in Domaining! When DN Journal started 12 years ago there were less than a handful of women in the domain industry. We have come a long way now haven't we?

Thanks to DN Journal and Jodi ChamberlainVictor PittsScott RossLuke Webster and Morgan Linton, Bill McClure  and my friends that never misses an angle, Steven Kaziyev, via Facebook for preview photos. See DNJournal for daily conference recaps.

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