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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Monte's Encore: RightOfTheDot Premium Live and Online Auctions at NamesCon

Monte Cahn is reentering the auction business at NamesCon and I already can tell you it will be a game changer. Monte is a one-man emporium of innovative ideas. Domaining needs more Montes. “The real thrill comes from the chase rather than the reward at the end," says Monte. "We are very excited to help build a new foundation for the domain industry. We believe this auction will help raise the tide water for the entire industry!"

Voted among Domaining's Most Fascinating People nad profiled here in 2010, Monte’s accomplishments include running the first-ever live domain auction in 2005, the richest domain auction in history — the $12 million sales event at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York in 2007 — and building Moniker into one of the world’s best registrars. Ron calls Moniker “a perennial favorite” among domain professionals as well as valuable corporate brands such as Marchex, Microsoft, The NHL, Major League Baseball, Lions Gate Films, and many others.

He was instrumental in creating live and online domain auctions, something we take for granted today. The only thing more interesting than what he has done is what he will do for his next encore.

Well that encore is upon us and all eyes will be on, Monte’s new company with partner Mike Berkens, who aim to transform NamesCon into the glory of conferences past with a record-breaking auction component. When I noticed Mike buying thousands of g's in the early stages and the BEST among them at that. I asked if I could write about them. He said "no." I then asked if he had a strategy. He said "yes." Well this auction folks, turns out to be that strategy where some of those great names will come center stage.

Monte’s work efforts touch all of us,” said Frank Schilling, who is perhaps the largest auction buyer and domain register on the planet. “I liken the results of his efforts to the energy coming from an electric socket. It’s always there and nobody thinks about where it comes from. I admire his drive and diligence a great deal.”

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Photo Top: Monte at S3, one of the spoils of his Moniker sale
Middle: Monte and The traffic Girls by Barbara Dillman Neu
Bottom: Back in the game again by Ron Jackson

Monte was always a believer in marketing. Like everything he did, he was first to do this press reveal and one of the only ones to have done it still. Here's the video- old and bad transfer but in hindsight imagine everything known and associated as or with Moniker was never even conceived then:

RightOfTheDot is pleased to announce the first-ever auction series at NamesCon

Live Auction Pre-Bidding Now Open

That’s right, we’re back and better than ever. RightOfTheDot has searched the globe high and low to bring you the best Premium and Low & No Reserve domains.  We are all looking forward to an action packed auction and pre-bids are already flooding in on with more than 30 names already meeting their reserve prices!

In celebration of the new gTLDs, the auction catalog includes the most popular new extensions now available alongside the classics.  All domains were hand-selected to represent top verticals and keywords for businesses and investors alike. Check out some of category-killer domains you have to select from:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           portfolio              

You can bid before the LIVE auction through the SnapNames Pre-Bidding interface, during the conference at the Live auction (both in the room and online) and after from the Extended auction.

Be sure to register during NamesCon for in-person bidding, a minimum of two hours before the LIVE auction begins. Registration will take place in front of the ICA room at 2 PM PST.

To participate in the live or online auctions, a SnapNames account is required.  To create an account, visit here. Details including bidding links for the live and online auction can be found by visiting here. Be sure to check back frequently and each stage of the auction for the latest details.

Important Dates & Times

Pre-Bidding for Live Auction
Begins: Now In-Progress Online
Ends: Tuesday January 13 at 9 am PT
Live Premium and Low & No Reserve Auction 
Simultaneous Live and Online Bidding Powered by SnapNames 
Begins: Tuesday January 13 at 4:30 pm PT
ICA Conference Room
Cocktails will flow & Hors d’oeuvres will be served
Online Extended Auction
Begins: Thursday January 15 at 9 am PT
Ends: Thursday February 5 at 12:15 pm PT
LIVE Auction Bidding Instructions

There are four ways to participate in the LIVE auction.
·   In-person bidding (raise your paddles live from NamesCon) during the Live portion of the auction
·   On-line bidding through the SnapNames LIVE interface, visit here. After 9 am PST
·   Telephone/proxy bidding –
·   Absentee bidding –

If you are interested in telephone or absentee bidding, please see an auction representative throughout the conference and auction rooms or email Monte Cahn at and
We look forward to seeing each of you at NamesCon and the auction.  Please feel free to reach out to Monte Cahn or Michael Berkens with any questions and help bidding in the auction

Best Regards and Happy New Years!

Monte Cahn, President / Director 
Michael Berkens, Director

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