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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Critics Be Damned: Today it's All About Apple (and China- not making but buying)

When I told you apple had tons more runway at $96 critics told me "Owen this is a five-year old story with you, move on!" It's at $122 two moths later! The second chapter in the history of Apple is about to be written and it will far exceed the first both in terms of revenue, and life-changing innovation. No other company will touch and improve our lives in more meaningful ways. And what does this have to do with domains? Plenty like the iPhone case you hold in your hand, these new products will spawn millions of third party accessories and apps- all of which will need names (many in China-speak). So get busy!

"[China] has enormous opportunity. There's such an amazing number of people that are moving into the middle class. It's something like I've never seen in my lifetime before. And so we just ... opened four new stores in the last few weeks. And these four stores are in cities that have about, give or take, 9 million people [in] the city. ... And you think about 9 million people -- this is the size of New York City!"

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