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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Frank Schilling's Super Bowl of Domain Name Sales: The Class of 2015

Via: SportsChaser
If you want to talk Super Bowl of Domaining, you have to give the Heisman to Frank Schilling and Domain Name Sales. For when compared to the (mostly) wholesale sales analyzed HERE, these real sales, to real people, for real needs and applications and dreams and products, closed by the ace DNS team since making its platform available to all Domainers at TRAFFIC 2012, speak volumes.

Not only is the scoreboard is already ringing up 2015 sales, Frank is replenishing his inventory with 10 times the volume of his sales as domainers (scared shitless over Gs and cash poor from declining parking revenues) are dropping even their sacred aged domains like flies. And where there is this kind of adversity in domaining, Frank is always there to capitalize on it.

Among his recent buying spree a concentration on .net and .org, sure to become the second best names in domaining. Frank is always looking for good keyword domain names, one word domains, dictionary domain names, websites with link popularity and established websites. He also buys 3-letter domain names, type-in domains and websites with existing traffic. Basically the only website names he will not consider are those with trademark issues. He buys .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .ca domain names. Here are  some recent .Net purchases that give you an idea what is meant by the one-word wonders descriptions above  (Great name for a burn phone)


See more of the .nets Frank is buying HERE

The Scoreboard Doesn't Lie: Jeff Gabriel and Frank Schilling Show Off Their Wall of Dreams Fulfilled

"At the end of the day we are selling dreams, and hope for prosperity. The majority of sales have been to small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Today, most businesses, products or brands start with a domain and I want our brokers to capture this excitement and help them achieve their goals."

Just three years ago nearly 400 thousand names parked. Now see what some sold recently they've become:

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